We specialize in patients who have not had success with conventional treatments. Chronic pain can be lessened through an organized approach addressing the physical and psychological components of the experience. We tailor medication management, injection therapy, physical modalities, and supplements to your needs.

Our practice seeks the physical relief of pain and the treatment of the psychological aspects of pain, including indicated professional counseling. Suboxone rehabilitation therapy is offered to our private insurance and self-pay patients. 

By diagnosing the source of your pain, we minimize the physical symptoms, and address the mind/body interplay present in painful conditions. 

Established in 1993, we take the time to properly diagnose and determine the cause of your symptoms.  

We may suggest injections, prescription drugs which we prescribe with precision, physical therapy or homeopathic remedies.

Referrals are rarely required to see our providers, but our insurance specialists are happy to check the specific requirements of your insurance policy.

No one can cure every problem; but with Jeffrey Edwards, MD, and Roy Edwards, LMHP, you'll often succeed where conventional approaches have failed! 

Call (402) 894-9990 or (402) 727-9995 today and begin the road to recovery!